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Cerulean Beach

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Cerulean Beach
オオウロコ海岸 Great Scale Beach


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Sea Floor Dungeon
Tazmily Village

Cerulean Beach is an area in Mother 3, located west of Tazmily Village. Prior to Chapter 4 the area uses the same music that plays in Tazmily Village, while starting with Chapter 4 it has its own music, which contains a sample of the theme of Summers from EarthBound.


Cerulean Beach is accessed from the west exit from Tazmily Square. The road continues west and slightly south, passing Reggie's tent and Tazmily Jail. Dolphin Ossicles can be found along the shoreline throughout the game. The road then turns north alongside the wider beach to the west, then turns west once more. Dona's house can be found near the beach as well.

In Chapter 4 the beach becomes modernized, with a road replacing the dirt paths and grass paths throughout the area, and beach chairs and umbrellas are present on the western beach. During Chapter 7, Bronson can be found relaxing on the beach. If Lucas talks to him, he can rest to restore his HP, PP, and status ailments. A seaside shop can be found here in Chapter 7, which sells Aloha Coats and various food items.


The beach technically was first required to visit during Chapter 1, when Flint was arrested for attacking the villagers after hearing of Hinawa's death. He was placed in the jail by sheriff Bronson during the night and was allowed to be freed the next morning with the help of Claus.

Cerulean Beach is then visited by Lucas in Chapter 7. After pulling the first needle, Lucas can access the Sea Floor Dungeon, which leads to Tanetane Island.


Item Location
DolphinOssicle.png Dolphin Ossicle Scattered along the beaches
EdibleMushroom.png Edible Mushroom Found on Cerulean Beach
ManlyBandana.png Manly Bandana Recieved from Lighter on the westmost peninsula of Cerulean Beach after visiting Hinawa's grave*
NutBread.png Nut Bread Near Reggie's tent

*Only available in Chapter 1

Sea Shop

Sea Shop
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Aloha Coat 1600 DP Equipment for Lucas, Duster, and Kumatora
{{{Size}}} Jumbo Shrimp Soup 350 DP Restores 150 HP
{{{Size}}} Giant Abalone Steak 400 DP Restores 180 HP


Cerulean Beach in Chapters 1 to 3.
Cerulean Beach Chapter 4 onwards.
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