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East Tazmily Village

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East Tazmily Village
タツマイリむら Tazmily Village

Tazmily Village
East Tazmily Village pre-Chapter 4.

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Tazmily Village
Old Man's Paradise

East Tazmily Village is the small residential area found east of Tazmily Village. Wess and Duster's house is in this area, which after the modernization of Tazmily Village becomes a retirement home.


The residental area is accessed from exiting Tazmily Sqaure from the east. A bridge crosses the river dividing the area from the square. On a hilltop to the north is Wess and Duster's house, which behind the house is a present containing Thunder Bombs, which gets refilled each time the player exits the area and returns. To the south of their house is a pig farm.

When Tazmily Village is modernized in Chapter 4, several minor changes are made here. The biggest change is that Wess and Duster's house was changed into the Old Man's Paradise retirement home. The pig farm to the south was also repurposed into the Pigmask Army training grounds.


During Chapter 2, Wess sends Duster out during the night to search for a hidden treasure in Osohe Castle. After collecting his Thief Tools in the basement, he begins his quest. Duster returns home in the morning with the Noble Spittoon from the castle, to which Wess angrily shatters and harshly scolds Duster due to being the wrong treasure. After Duster shows a pendant, which Wess suspects belongs to the princess of Osohe Castle, both set out to the castle to search for the princess and real tresure. Later, Wess and Kumatora are found on a small patch of sand on the river bank, and are taken by Lighter and Fuel into Wess's house to recover. After realizing Duster is missing the two head out to the village to find him.

Three years later in Chapter 4, Wess's house was changed into a retirement home called the Old Man's Paradise, where the elderly residents such as Alec and Wess himself now live. After Wess was captured in a butterfly net by the Pigmasks for interfering with Fassad's speech, Lucas visits him in the retirement village and tells a rumor he heard about the bassist in Club Titiboo resembling Duster. Wess instructs Lucas to visit the club to find out if the rumors are true, while giving the Carrier Pigeon for him to send back if Duster is found.

Later in Chapter 7, Lucas and Boney land on a pile of hay that Wess and Alec had placed. Outside there is a commotion on the bridge, where it is shown that Ionia was tied up in a rope. Upon freeing the magypsy, Lucas is instructed to go to Aeolia's house to learn about the secrets of the Seven Needles.


Item Location
Hypno-Pendelum.png Hypno-Pendulum Found in the basement of Wess and Duster's house.
ScaryMask.png Scary Mask Found in the basement of Wess and Duster's house.
StagBeetle.png Siren Beetle Found in the basement of Wess and Duster's house.
SmokeBomb.png Smoke Bomb Found in the basement of Wess and Duster's house.
TickleStick.png Tickle Stick Found in the basement of Wess and Duster's house.
WallStaples.png Wall Staples Found in the basement of Wess and Duster's house.
PeculiarCheese.png Peculiar Cheese Found in the east residential area.
ThunderBomb.png Thunder Bomb Behind Wess and Duster's house, respawns each time another area is entered.


East Tazmily Village from Chapter 4 onwards

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