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Mole Cricket Hole

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Mole Cricket Hole
オケラホール Mole Cricket Hole

Mole Cricket Hole.PNG
Lucas, Kumatora and Boney explore the Mole Cricket Hole in Mother 3.

Connected areas
Murasaki Forest
Snowcap Mountain
Mole Cricket Elder

The Mole Cricket Hole is a location in Mother 3. Lucas and his party go here in Chapter 7 during their search for the Seven Needles. The Mole Cricket Hole is the only path to Snowcap Mountain in the game. The easiest way to get through the giant maze is to take a turn at every possible chance.

The purple coloring of the floors in the Mole Cricket Hole is very similar to that of the first section of Stonehenge Base in EarthBound.

In Mother 3

The Mole Cricket Hole is first referenced in the prologue by the Mole Cricket after being defeated. He challenges Lucas and Claus to a battle a the Great Mole Cricket Stadium. Three years later, after pulling the Needle of Murasaki Forest, the Mole Cricket is met again by Lucas and company, and decides to once again challenge him in battle. The mole cricket then brings Lucas to the Mole Cricket Hole to meet the Mole Cricket Elder and battle. After loss, he accepts defeat and asks him to take along his brother for help. They then go through the maze, and go onto Snowcap Mountain to pull the next Needle.

Memo description

"Always turn at every turn in the road. These are the words of the mole crickets."

Shops and Businesses

Mole Cricket's shop

Mole Cricket's shop
  Name Price Effect
SincerityDumplings.png Sincerity Dumplings 100 DP Restores 100 HP


  • Mole Cricket Brother
  • Cricket Hole Map


Sprite Enemy name Notes
MoleCricketOverworld.png Mole Cricket Required fight

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