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Unknown Valley

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Unknown Valley
ヒトシラズのたに No Man's Valley

Unknown Valley as it appears in Mother 3.

Nowhere Islands
Connected areas
Murasaki Forest
Clayman Factory

The Unknown Valley is an area in Mother 3 part of the Murasaki Forest. The Clayman Factory and Thunder Tower are located in this area.

Unknown Valley is on the other side of the hill where the waterfall is. After going under the highway is a cave with a hot spring and shop run by a mole. Outside is the valley with many holes in the ground here that lead to an underground cavern, all eventually leading to the same exit except for the one furthest southwest, which exits where Duster hid the Egg of Light in a Clayman. Past that it loops around Thunder Tower then under the highway, and finally reaches the Clayman Factory.


In Chapter 5 Duster recalls hiding the Egg somewhere in the valley when he got lost three years prior. He hides it in a broken Clayman mistaking it for a regular mound of dirt. After scaling the cliff, Lucas's team find the valley on the other side of the waterfall hill. Eventually they find the Clayman, however it soon activates and rushes around Thunder Tower. They chase it into the Clayman Factory where it is taken to the dump, forcing the party to travel the Highway to retrieve it.


Item Location
BagOfPorkChips.png Bag of Pork Chips Around the area surrounding Thunder Tower
BeefJerky.png Beef Jerky In one of the incorrect holes of the pothole cave
CapricornBracelet.png Capricorn Bracelet In one of the incorrect holes of the pothole cave
PencilRocket.png Pencil Rocket In one of the incorrect holes of the pothole cave
SecretHerb.png Secret Herb Around the area surrounding Thunder Tower


This shop specializes in puddings and pendants!
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Mole collector [[File:|left]]
Item Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Better Stick 500 DP Weapon for Lucas (Offense +20)
{{{Size}}} Durable Gloves 300 DP Weapon for Kumatora (Offense +16)
{{{Size}}} Sharp Shoes 480 DP Weapon for Duster (Offense +17)
{{{Size}}} Fly Charm 350 DP Armor for Lucas, Duster and Kumatora (Defense +10)
{{{Size}}} Sparrow Bandana 200 DP Armor for Duster (Defense +9)
{{{Size}}} Azure Ribbon 180 DP Armor Kumatora and Boney (Defense +8)
{{{Size}}} Capricorn Bracelet 600 DP Armor for Lucas, Duster and Kumatora (Defense +9)


Sprite Enemy name Notes
ParentalKangasharkOverworld.png Parental Kangashark None
ReconstructedLionOverworld.png Reconstructed Lion None
Mecha-TurtleOverworld.png Mecha-Turtle None


Waterfall cave.png
The cave behind the waterfall
Unknown Valley potholes.png
Pothole section
Pothole cave.png
The pothole cave
Unknown Valley factory and tower.png
The factory and tower base

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