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New Pork City sewers

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New Pork City Sewers
ニューポークシティの下水道 New Pork City's Sewers

New Pork City Sewers
New Pork City's sewer system.

Connected areas
New Pork City
Absolutely Filthy Apartments*

The New Pork City Sewers is a location in Mother 3 which are an underground sewer system accessible from New Pork City's arcade. Located in the upper left corner of the sewers is the MT Apartments, an abandoned filthy apartment complex which, as hinted by the name, is completely deserted aside from one individual held captive.


From entering through the arcade, the starting point is in the far left. The sewage can only be crossed by walking across piles of garbage as a bridge to traverse between the upper and lower halves. At the east end is another garbage bridge to the upper half, with a hole leading to the theater is found but is too small to enter. At the top of a nearby ladder are two rooms with one leading to a hot spring and another to a room containing items. At the west end of the upper half is access to the MT Apartments where all but one apartment can be entered.


A hole in the wall behind a broken speaker located in New Pork City's movie theater leads directly to the sewer system. Upon being discovered, stinkbug in one of the theater's seats heads through the speakers, as Boney chases after it. Lucas's party, then hoping to find Boney, head to the arcade, as a man inside hears dog barking from below the floor. At the end of the sewers, the party finds Boney next to a broken down apartment complex, where Leder had been held. After hearing Leder's story, the group's goal is to confront Porky to put a stop to his scheme.

At the entrance, however, they are stopped by Fassad and his interpreter once again, now as Miracle Fassad, in a final attempt at trying to stop them. Lucas and the team manage to defeat him for good, and he never returns, with the interpreter leaving.


Item Location
MagicPudding.png Magic Pudding Left trash can in the room next to the hot spring
SaltwaterGun.png Saltwater Gun trash can in the room next to the hot spring
StinkbugsMemory.png Stinkbug's Memory From Leder after listening to his speech


Sprite Enemy name Notes
MetalAttackRoachOverworld.png Metal Attack Roach None
PutridMoldymanOverworldM3.png Putrid Moldyman Can appear in trash cans
NewFassadOverworld.png Miracle Fassad Boss


MT apartments.png
The MT Apartments


  • Oddly, opening the map in the apartment area of the sewers brings up the map to Thunder Tower, but only on the topmost floor and Leder's room.
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