Stinkbug's Memory

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Stinkbug's Memory
ヘコキムシのきおく Stinkbug's Memory
In-game sprite of the Stinkbug's Memory from Mother 3
Type Key item
Appears in Mother 3

The Stinkbug's Memory is a key item found in Mother 3 in Chapter 7. It contains information about the story of the White Ship.


Leder provides Lucas and his friends with the Stinkbug's Memory, which contains the entire story about the history of the Nowhere Islands and Porky's plans, which Leder had explained prior. Its purpose is to repeat Leder's story should the player want to hear it again.


Mother 3
Buying Selling
Not for sale Cannot be sold

In-game description

A record of Leder's long and important story, in case you need to hear it again.