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Murki Cave

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Murki Cave

Murki Cave.png
The dark cave

Connected areas
Sunshine Forest
Drago Plateau

Murki Cave refers to the cave connecting Sunshine Forest to Drago Plateau which Flint and Alec pass through the cave on their way to Drago Plateau to search for Claus. The cave is dark, as such Alec acts as a guide throughout the cave until they exit onto the mountain.

The entrance is where Aeolia's is located in the forest, the path begins by making a left turn to several forks. The second north path will lead to a hole to the lower level, however continuing straight will make a right turn which leads to a vine as an alternative way down, or back up should the player backtrack. The two paths eventually meet before making a left turn, where straight reaches a vine to another segment of the upper level, however Alec mistakenly suggests to take the path north at the fork.

The upper level is a fixed path north to several vines which lead to a cliffside, then one final cave containing an Instant Revitalizing Device before reaching Drago Plateau.


Item Location
BeefJerky.png Beef Jerky ×2
  • East of the hole to the lower level
  • In the cave where the Instant Revitalizing Device is located
PeculiarCheese.png Peculiar Cheese At the north dead-end in the first cave
RunningBomb.png Running Bomb In the southeast-most corner of the lower level


Sprite Enemy name Notes
MrBattyOverworldM3.png Mr. Batty None
MischievousMoleOverworld.png Mischievous Mole None
CragLizardOverworld.png Crag Lizard None
ElderBattyOverworld M3.png Elder Batty None
ReconstructedMoleOverworld.png Reconstructed Mole None

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