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Cross Road

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Cross Road
クロスロード Cross Road

Cross Road
The Cross Road during Chapters 1-3
Cross Road
The Cross Road during Chapters 3-7

Connected areas
Tazmily Village
Sunshine Forest
Sunset Cemetery

The Cross Road is an area in Mother 3. It connects Tazmily Village, the Sunset Cemetery, and the Sunshine Forest.


In Chapters 1 to 3 the Cross Road is a relatively barren dirt path. Leder can be found standing along the path, where he rings his bell, saying no words. Trying to speak to him, he does not respond, with only the current party leader's companions describing him instead. A cave on the eastern side of the Cross Road contains many presents filled with Nuts. Additionally, nuts are scattered throughout the area.

In Chapters 4 through 7, after Tazmily Village's modernization, Leder mysteriously disappears. The villagers begin to forget about him. A Railway is built into the cave on the eastern side, which sells train tickets. When Lucas first approaches the Railway, he overhears Bronson and Jackie talking about the DCMC's bassist, Lucky. Towards the end of Chapter 7, the railway is closed down.


Item Location
EdibleMushroom.png Edible Mushroom In the southwest corner
Nut.png Nut Scattered around the ground
NutBread.png Nut Bread ×3 Northeast corner
Two in the east cave accessable from Chapter 3 onwards
RottenMilk.png Rotten Milk In the east cave accessable from Chapter 3 onwards
BeefJerky.png Beef Jerky Southeast of the station (Chapter 4+)
BreadRoll.png Bread Roll Northwest of the station (Chapter 4+)
Sprintingbomb.png Sprinting Bomb Northeast of the station (Chapter 4+)

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