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Trains are a fast method of transportation in both EarthBound Beginnings and Mother 3.

In Mother


In Mother, a large network of train tracks travels through the entire map. The central station is blocked off at the start of the game due to a nearby landslide, requiring Lloyd to blow up the rocks on the tracks for the train to be usable again. This necessitates a trip to Duncan's Factory to fire a rocket capable of destroying the rocks. While the toll to ride is paid per-person, if a character is unconscious, they do not pay the toll.

In this game, the song played during a train ride is The Paradise Line.

In Mother 3


In Mother 3, trains are first able to be ridden in Chapter 7. There are two types of trains; a green one and a brown one. The green train is slightly more expensive, and plays a different music when ridden, but otherwise, the trains travel at the same speed. The trains link a station at the Cross Road and the Clayman Factory at the far end of the Railway.


Train clay.png
Clay model of a train from EarthBound Beginnings.

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