Chapter 3

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Chapter 3
The Suspicious Peddler
The Suspicious Peddler
Chapter 3.png
Playable character Salsa
Main party Salsa
Main locations Death Desert
Tazmily Village
Osohe Castle

Chapter 3 is the third numbered chapter in Mother 3, out of the 8 chapters in the game.


Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.

In the Desert

A large UFO lands in a desert, with a monkey being kicked out of it. The monkey's girlfriend attempts to run out and stay with him, but is held back by a Pigmask. A peddler working for the Pigmask Army, Fassad, walks up to the monkey, and tells him that he do his bidding, else he might never be able to reunite with his girlfriend, or even end up being killed. Fassad pulls out a small device and presses a button on it, shocking the monkey. He explains that the collar can produce electrical shocks, and can work over very long distances. Fassad also notes that the monkey doesn't have a name yet, and names him "Salsa". He then tells Salsa that the two must cooperate in public, acting as friends, and to never disobey his orders. Fassad commands Salsa to do different dances and a somersault, and notes that people will think of them as a performance duo, and thus get more attention with his plans.

The UFO takes off, and Salsa is left crying on the ground, heartbroken without his girlfriend. Fassad shocks him and tells him to only cry when he says so. He also says that they need to get to a large, white building somewhere in the desert, and joins Salsa's party. The two then set off to travel through the desert. Along the way, there are various enemies and presents in the desert, with a Luxury Banana in one of the boxes. Fassad shouts at Salsa for trying to take the banana for his own, and takes it away from him. When the duo finally reach the white building, there is a Cactus Wolf guarding the front entrance. Fassad demands Salsa to go fight the wolf for him, so that they may continue on with their journey. After the Cactus Wolf is defeated, Fassad and Salsa enter the building and go down an elevator. The elevator then leads to an underground passageway, with a Pork Bean parked in it. Fassad says to ride it through the tunnel, as it would be much faster to ride rather than walk, and also briefly explains how to use it. The two then ride the Pork Bean and go all the way west, climbing up a ladder and emerging from a fake grave in Sunset Cemetery.

Time in Tazmily Village

Fassad tells Salsa that they should stay at the Yado Inn in the village for the night, and head for there. On the way there, Fassad runs into Butch, who is counting the amount of money he received from him earlier. They then accidentally bump into Duster, and Butch tells Duster about the money Fassad gave him. Butch shows Duster that he's going to hide his money in the well, and tells him to not tell anyone where he hid it. Fassad is then shown to be hiding and listening in on their conversation, and keeps this tidbit in mind. After the coast is clear, Fassad and Salsa head to the inn and get a room there. He gives Jackie and Betsy a large bag of money for the room, despite there being no charge. He and Salsa then head to their room, with Fassad sleeping on the bed, and Salsa on the middle of the floor. While Salsa is fast asleep, Fassad gets up and sneaks out of the inn. Salsa wakes up a moment after this, and follows him outside.

Fassad is shown talking on a cell phone to someone about invading Osohe Castle. He hears of a villager apparently going into the castle, but brushes it off as nothing. After his conversation on the phone, he takes the bag of money from the well, and then spots Salsa listening in on his conversation. Fassad then zaps him a couple times as punishment, and takes him back to the inn. Salsa goes back to sleep on the floor, and has nightmares about his recent misfortunes. In the morning, he is woken up by Fassad shocking him again, saying that he'll have to perform tricks for the villagers today. The duo head outside, and Fassad's performance about happiness begins. Throughout the presentation, Salsa does various tricks, and Fassad foretells of lightning striking every day, urging the villagers to obtain the secret to happiness now while they can. He asks the villagers if anyone would like to obtain this secret, and tells them to raise their hand if interested. He then tells Salsa to get the names of the villagers who want happiness, and heads back to the inn.

When the duo return to the inn, Fassad's phone starts ringing again, and he answers it. He asks about the status of the castle search, and learns of more people loitering about in the castle. Fassad tells them to get rid them, but apparently the Pigmasks at Osohe Castle are too scared to. He then says that he'll be right over and check out the situation as soon as possible, and tells Salsa that the Happy Boxes are hidden in the cemetery, and to deliver them to the four townspeople - Abbot, Abbey, Biff and Isaac. Salsa then heads to the cemetery, and delivers the Happy Boxes to their respective customers. When he goes back to the inn, Fassad zaps him for being "too slow" with the deliveries, and tells him that they must go to Osohe Castle next.

Search in Osohe

Fassad and Salsa rush over to the castle to investigate the apparent problems. The Pigmasks tell him that the intruders are heading towards the top floor, where their targeted item is located. Fassad then orders everyone to not let them get away, and goes to investigate the castle. After a while, however, Fassad gets a call informing him that the intruders have escaped underground somewhere and that they are in possession of their targeted object. He then plans to go find them himself downstairs, and commands Salsa to go look for an entrance downstairs. Heading down in the basement, there are three images on the wall depicting dance moves, next to a door similar to the one Wess and Duster went through in the previous chapter. Salsa examines the paintings, and learns how to perform the special dance required for opening the door. After opening the door, Fassad and Salsa explore the underground areas of Osohe Castle and find a lever. Fassad commands Salsa to pull on the lever and see what it does. When Salsa pulls the lever, it opens some sort of water gate, causing a large flow of water to rush through the nearby channel. Fassad then catches a glimpse of the intruders as they are swept by in the water, and orders a group of Pigmasks to chase after and corner them. He then concludes his investigation of the castle for now, and tells Salsa that they're heading back to the inn.

When exiting the castle, on the drawbridge outside, two Pigmask tanks are accidentally blocking the way. Fassad orders them to move their tanks at once, however, the two Pigmasks argue over whose tank to move out of the way. After a short scuffle, Fassad shouts at them to both get out of the way and go look for the intruders, and they both obey. Back at the town square, the villagers are arguing over who stole Butch's money. Fassad says to the villagers that the town is becoming cursed, that they must start to pursue happiness, and goes back on his way to the inn. When the two arrive at their room, Fassad reminds Salsa of his current situation and commands him to go to sleep.

The Escapade

In the middle of the night, while Fassad is fast asleep, Salsa hears a voice whispering at him in the window. He goes to investigate, and Kumatora and Wess appear, saying that they've come to rescue him from Fassad while he's still sleeping. Salsa follows them outside, and they go to talk near the well. Kumatora says that she was sure about Salsa being stuck with Fassad over some terrible circumstances instead of by will, and wanted to help him escape from his torture. Wess goes to go steal Fassad's shocking remote from him, and Kumatora reassures Salsa that he has nothing to worry about now. When Wess comes back with the remote, they tell Salsa to break it, so that it may never be used again. After he smashes it, however, there is still something holding him back from running away- his kidnapped girlfriend. Fassad then shows up on the scene, taunting Salsa and asking if he really thought he could escape from him. Kumatora says that she's going to help him run away, and tells Wess and Salsa to run away on the count to three. They jump the gun on running away, but she manages to catch up with the two of them. Fassad then takes out his phone and orders some Pigmasks to stand by, and make sure that they have no way of escaping.

The three of them run into the forest, but run into a dead end with a tank. Kumatora then suggests finding a different route and go north, and the path is blocked by a tank as well. They go back, but they end up being surrounded by Pigmask tanks! They then decide to fight one of the tanks, however, the moment it's destroyed, Fassad just shows up with more. While the trio attempts to think of a way to get out of this, Lucas shows up from the north. Fassad tells him to go away, but Lucas ignores him and whistles for a baby Drago to appear. The baby Drago roars and its parent then appears, attacking all of the Pigmasks. The Pigmasks start running away while the Drago wrecks their tanks and continues to savage the remaining troops. Fassad is outraged by everyone running on him, and hopes for the Drago to spare him. Salsa then whistles for the Drago to attack Fassad, and after its work is done, hops off with its child.

Wess is surprised by Lucas's sudden change in attitude, considering that after Hinawa died, all he did was cry or stay in the house. He thanks him for saving their lives, and fills him in on their current situation. After explaining, Wess tells Lucas to stay in Tazmily and help his father protect the village, while him and Kumatora plan to search for Duster. Kumatora mentions that she has a feeling that the two of them will probably meet again sometime in the future, and then depart.

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