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サルコ Saruko / Monkey Girl
Samba as she appears in Mother 3
Gender Female
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 3

Samba is the name of Salsa's monkey girlfriend in Mother 3. Interestingly enough, Samba's name is never spoken during the main story, only appearing in the credits. Instead, she is merely referred to as Salsa's girlfriend by both Fassad and Kumatora.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 3

Samba is used as a hostage in order to make Salsa do the Pigmask Army's bidding, and can briefly be seen while Salsa is being kicked out of the Mother Porkship.

In Chapter 7

Salsa and Samba are reunited. They somehow end up at the Chimera Laboratory. The Pigmasks are searching for them, and, mistaking Lucas's party for part-timers, allow them entry to help search. They are first found downstairs in a chimera storage area. They then flee upstairs, eventually being cornered by Lucas. However, the Ultimate Chimera attacks the group, knocking off Lucas's mask and revealing his identity. Remembering how Lucas saved him in Chapter 3, Salsa presses the switch to deactivate the Ultimate Chimera. Samba and Salsa then lead Lucas to Doria's home, where the two remain together for the rest of the game.

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