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アビー Abbey
Abbey's sprite from Mother 3.
Gender Female
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village
Relatives Abbot (husband)

Abbey is a character in Mother 3. She lives in the northern area of Tazmily Village with her husband Abbot.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

Abby spends most of her time in her home, which is lavishly decorated with flowers. After Flint rescues Fuel, Abbey and her husband, Abbot, claim that Abbey was attacked by a "bizarre flying mouse thing with bug wings". After Flint hits her husband with the lumber, she tries to tell Flint there are no ill feelings toward him.

In Chapter 3

Abbey is one of the first four people to order a Happy Box; however, she cancels her order when she realizes that her husband Abbot got one too. She claims she is mesmerized by the flashing lights and feeling happier already.

In Chapter 4

Abbey and Abbot constantly watch the Happy Box in their home. They leave a message on the Tazmily Central Message Board asking for larger screens.

In Chapter 7

Abbey and Abbot are among the first of the Tazmily villagers to move to New Pork City.

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