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ナナ Nana
Nana's younger and older appearances in Mother 3
Gender Female
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village

Nana is a character in Mother 3, one of the many citizens of Tazmily Village, her actual residence is unknown, but she is seen most of the time near the ocean on the west side of the village. Apparently, the people of Tazmily don't like her because she talks quite a lot.

When Lucas first talks to her on Chapter 4, she will warn him to turn back, just like everybody else does. If Lucas insists on talking, she will give a long speech, mostly related about piano music. She ends it saying that she may get to like Lucas since he was the only one who listened to her. Humorously, Lucas is shown being dizzy after the end of the speech, the game itself telling the player that they should have turned back.


  • She seems to be an homage to previous Mother and EarthBound female protagonists, bearing an uncanny resemblance to Paula from EarthBound, and having a similar name to Ana from Mother.
  • What seems to be a rather trivial comment, she notes that none of the family members in Tazmily look alike, this serves as a foreshadowing to the events narrated by Leder on Chapter 8.

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