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マイク Mike
Mike's sprite
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village
Occupation Amateur cookie baker (Retired after Chapter 3)

Mike is a character in Mother 3. He usually gives the player one of his "famous" slightly unclean and not very tasty Nut Cookies.

In Mother 3

Chapter 1-3

At the beginning of the first chapter, after the Sunshine Forest is caught on fire, he is seen at the initial path of the forest, offering the player a maximum of three cookies. He is later seen still with the rest of the villagers, still trying to find Hinawa. For the remainder of chapter 1-3, he is usually found inside Thomas's store, offering the player, yet again, one of his cookies.

Chapter 4-7

After Chapter 3, Mike begins living at the Old Man's Paradise retirement home in Tazmily Village, often complaining that his grandchildren don't visit him enough, and about newly-enforced sexual harassment laws. If Lucas chooses to visit him, he gives Lucas a small amount of DP and asks him not to tell his grandchildren.

Towards the end of Chapter 7, Mike moves to New Pork City.

Chapter 8

He can be found standing in front of Arcade 1-Up in New Pork City, reminding the player that he doesn't bake his "famous" cookies anymore.

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