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Arcade 1-Up

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Arcade 1-Up
ワンナップ 1-Up

Arcade 1-Up
Arcade 1-Up as it appears in Mother 3.

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Connected areas
New Pork City

Arcade 1-Up is a location in Mother 3, serving a relatively minor role in the game's story. After Boney chases the stinkbug into New Pork City's sewer system through a grate in the theater, a man inside the arcade claims he hears a dog, and asks Lucas's party to go find it, because he is terrified of dogs. He then moves the unplayable crane game in the center of the room to reveal an entrance to the sewer system.

The game machines in the top row of the room are playable at 10 DP per-play. If the player chooses to do this, Lucas plays the game for around ten seconds before facing the screen, red-faced.

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