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Twins' House

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Twins' House
ふたごのいえ Twins' House

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The area of the house in Mother 3.

Connected areas
Tazmily Village

The Twins' House is the residence of Flint, Hinawa, Lucas and Claus in Mother 3. It is located to the south of Tazmily Village. Outside the house are a shed where the family keeps its sheep, several flowerbeds, a clothesline, and Boney's doghouse.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 1

The chapter begins with Thomas hurriedly running to Flint's door to warn him and get his help dealing with the Sunshine Forest forest fire caused by the Pigmask Army's invasion. In his scramble, Thomas accidentally knocks off the doorknob to Flint's house. Thomas then joins Flint here, and they set off to aid the other villagers in handling the forest fire. Later in the chapter, Bateau gives Flint a letter sent by Hinawa via Carrier Pigeon, claiming they will be home shortly. Due to the rain and concern that she is not home on time, the entire village begins to search for her. During this chapter a Stick can be found in Boney's doghouse.

In Chapter 4

In Chapter 4, the Twins' House has become a tourist attraction due to the amount of times it has been struck by lightning, seemingly because Flint did not get a Happy Box, and is then known as the famous "Tazmily Village Lightning House." Their sheep pen is singed beyond recognition, and some of their sheep have been damaged as well, though they don't seem to mind. The shoe from Flint's search for Claus and scrap of cloth from Hinawa's dress are stored away with care. Lucas and Boney begin the chapter here.

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