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Sea Floor Dungeon

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Sea Floor Dungeon
かいていダンジョン Sea Floor Dungeon

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Lucas and his friends near the Sea Floor Dungeon's entrance.

Connected areas
Cerulean Beach
Tanetane Island
O2 in Love

The Sea Floor Dungeon is a location in Mother 3. It is the ocean that separates Tazmily Village from Tanetane Island. Traversing the ocean requires the use of an oxygen meter and Oxygen Supply Machines.


The Sea Floor Dungeon is accessible from Cerulean Beach at any point after the Masked Man pulls Aeolia's Needle. The route to Tanetane Island is a winding but mostly straightforward path south. Several ladders can be found which leads to caves containing items. The lighting gradually becomes darker when traversing to deeper parts of the ocean.

A healthbar displaying the amount of oxygen Lucas's party currently has is seen in the bottom left corner. Refilling oxygen requires using Oxygen Supply Machines designed as mermen. Running out of oxygen will cause Lucas's party to drown and be sent back to the beach.


A Needle is known to be on Tanetane Island to the south of Cerulean Beach. However, no ships travel between Tazmily Village and Tanetane Island. With no other options, Lucas's party simply dives into the ocean. Along the way, two Navy SQUEALs use the O2 Machines the Pigmask Army uses for underwater traversal in front of Lucas. Using these machines, Lucas travels to the other side of the sea, where Master Eddy confronts his group. After defeating Master Eddy, in a desparation attack, Master Eddy releases a whirlpool that sweeps all the characters and their goods onto Tanetane Island's shoreline. With their HP and PP depleted from this attack and no goods to restore their health, Lucas is forced to eat the energizing mushrooms.

After defeating the Barrier Trio, Ocho will take Lucas's party back to Tazmily Village, traversing the dungeon without encountering any enemies.


Item Location
Map.png Sea Floor Map Southeast of the first Oxygen Supply Machine
AwesomeCrown.png Awesome Crown In a cave accessed from the left fork in the first area, may require a lot of oxygen to reach. Guarded by the Fish Roe Man
Bomb.png Bomb Down one of the five ladders in the fourth area
CupOfLifenoodles.png Cup of Lifenoodles In the third area, south of the first working Oxygen Supply Machine
DoubleJerky.png Double Jerky East path of the second area
HermitCrabShell.png Hermit Crab Shell Down one of the five ladders in the fourth area
MagicPudding.png Magic Pudding ×2
  • Down one of the five ladders in the fourth area
  • Near an Oxygen Supply Machine in the fifth area
MagicTart.png Magic Tart ×3
  • East path of the second area
  • Down one of the five ladders in the fourth area
  • East dead end in the fifth area
TriviaCard3.png Trivia Card 3 Down one of the five ladders in the fourth area
VirgoBracelet.png Virgo Bracelet Down the ladder southwest of the first Oxygen Supply Machine


Sprite Enemy name Notes
NavySQUEALOverworld.png Navy SQUEAL None
CarefreeJellyfishOverworld.png Carefree Jellyfish None
RoooundFishOverworld.png Rooound Fish None
RockLobsterOverworld.png Rock Lobster None
FishRoeManOverworld.png Fish Roe Man Optional enemy, guards the Awesome Crown
MasterEddyOverworld.png Master Eddy Boss
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