Energizing mushrooms

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Energizing Mushrooms

Energizing mushrooms are a special type of hallucinogenic mushroom found on Tanetane Island.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 7

After Master Eddy washes Lucas's party ashore, their HP and PP are drained, with their items lost in the tide. With nothing but the mushrooms nearby to restore their energy, Lucas's party is forced to eat them despite their odd color and appearance because the Zombieshroom blocks the exit. When eaten, energizing mushrooms fill whoever eats them with energy, restoring both HP and PP; however, they also cause hallucinations of people the party had previously met, and distorted views of the landscape. Dogs appear to be immune to the hallucinogenic effects of the mushrooms, as Boney will bark when he senses that a hallucination is hostile and does not enter the hot spring that is later revealed to be a pile of sludge. Mixolydia cures the hallucinogenic effect by smacking Lucas's party across the head. When returning to the mushroom's location after being cured, the mushrooms have been removed.

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