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O2 Machine

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Oxygen Machine
さんそほきゅうマシン Oxygen Supply Machine
Oxygen Machine
Sprite from Mother 3
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
A Kappa's Trail
First chapter Chapter 7
Residence Sea Floor Dungeon

O2 Machines are a type of machine in Mother 3 for use by the Pigmask Army. They are shaped like mermen, and supply oxygen through their mouths. They are found exclusively in the Sea Floor Dungeon, where they refill the oxygen meter completely when used, as well as making Lucas's party blush. There is also an Oxygen Supply Machine in the Empire Porky Building that is shaped like a centaur. He will ask to give some oxygen for "old time's sake."


  • The Oxygen Machine makes a cameo appearance in A Kappa's Trail, which, like Mother 3, was developed by Brownie Brown. If the player's kappa eats enough red fish at Kappa Cove, there is a small chance that the Oxygen Machine will be placed on the seafloor at Kappa Cove, where it remains permanently.
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