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Beauty & Tasty

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Beauty & Tasty
ビューティ・アンド・テイスティ Beauty & Tasty

Beauty & Tasty

Connected areas
New Pork City
Beauty and Tasty

Beauty & Tasty is a restaurant located in New Pork City. All of the employees are robotic versions of Porky's mother, Lardna Minch. The robots often talk about their appearance, calling themselves pretty and insisting that they are robots, or tell Lucas's party that it's okay to be picky, as the restaurant's rule is to "fill yourself with your favorite food and nothing else." A menu can be found near the eastern wall, which lists various dishes made from Lucas's favorite food. None of the items on the menu can actually be bought, however.

Food shop

Beauty & Tasty
  Name Price Effect
KingBurger.png King Burger 1700 DP Restores 280 HP
Beefsteak.png Beefsteak 2000 DP Restores 300 HP
PastaWithAPast.png Pasta with a Past 1400 DP Restores 190 HP
FavoritePizza.png Favorite Pizza 1560 DP Restores 260 HP
RichKidStew.png Rich Kid Stew 1000 DP Restores 150 HP
RichParfait.png Rich Parfait 1300 DP Restores 170 HP

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