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This article describes the Factory in Murasaki Forest. For other uses, see Factory (disambiguation).
コーバ Factory


Connected areas
Murasaki Forest

The Factory is a factory run by Mr. Brown. The Factory is intended for digging up clay to turn into Claymen; however, it is rumored that the Pigmask Army is excavating a dragon deep underneath. The workers include Jonel, Bud, Lou, Isaac, Bob, a pig, a stray dog, and various Pigmasks.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 4

Lucas and Boney need to work there in exchange for tickets to Club Titiboo, as well as 200 DP, due to the expensive pricing of the tickets which the Factory supplies to its workers for free. Lucas's main job is to take damaged Claymen up to the first floor, so they may be recharged by Pigmasks, while Boney is set to run on a treadmill.

In Chapter 5

Lucas can choose to work at the Factory again, for 200 DP. Mr. Brown also begins to keep a tally of how many times Lucas has worked there; this has no effect on gameplay, however.

In Chapter 7

Lucas can no longer work for the Factory. If he tries to do so, Mr. Brown tells him the Factory is closing down, since Claymen are no longer needed, and claims he is being sent to New Pork City when it is closed.

Shops and businesses

Vending machine

Vending machine
  Name Price Effect
{{{Size}}} Fizzy Soda 6 DP Restores 20 HP
{{{Size}}} Beef Jerky 26DP Restores 60 HP
{{{Size}}} Antidote 8 DP Recovers from poison
{{{Size}}} Paper Fan 12 DP Recovers from confusion
{{{Size}}} Eye Drops 10 DP Recovers from crying
FleaPowder.png Flea Powder 30 DP Removes fleas

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