Scrap of Cloth

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Scrap of Cloth
ふくのきれはし Scrap of Cloth
In-game sprite of the Scrap of Cloth from Mother 3
Type Key item
Appears in Mother 3

The Scrap of Cloth is a key item found in Mother 3 in Chapter 1. It is a torn piece of Hinawa's dress.


During the search for Lucas's family in Chapter 1, the Scrap of Cloth is first noticed on a tree on Mt. Oriander's cliffs. With the help of Duster's Wall StaplesFlint is able to climb the cliffs to retrieve it. It is suspected by the residents of Tazmily Village to be from Hinawa's dress. The item itself has no practical usage.


Mother 3
Buying Selling
Not for sale Cannot be sold

In-game description

A familiar scrap of red cloth. It was stuck in a tree on top of a cliff.