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Thief Tools

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The Thief Tools in Duster's key items.

The Thief Tools are a set of technique items unique to Duster in Mother 3. All of them cause in-battle status effects on enemies, and several are comparable to PSI skills that Duster, a non-PSI user, cannot learn.

In Mother 3

Duster first uses the Wall Staples in Chapter 1 to assist Flint and Boney in ascending a steep cliff, and can also use them in battle at that point. He acquires the remaining tools at the beginning of Chapter 2, when Wess sends him to Osohe Castle, and retains them for the remainder of the game. As they are functionally key items, they take no inventory space and are not lost in Chapter 7 after the Master Eddy fight.

The Siren Beetle's ability to turn around enemies is especially useful for players seeking to fully complete the Battle Memory.

Wall Staples

WallStaples.png Climbs up certain cliffs and walls, also can be used in battle to render an enemy immobile

Memo description

"Only Duster can nail these wall staples into certain walls. The staples become footholds that allow everyone to climb to places previously thought to be inaccessible.Once the wall staples are set, they last forever."

Smoke Bomb

SmokeBomb.png In-battle only, makes one enemy cry uncontrollably

Memo description

"Throw it against the ground to break it open and release smoke from within. The enemies may have a hard time attacking through the smokescreen."

Goods description

"Explodes into an acrid smoke, bringing an enemy to tears."


Hypno-Pendelum.png In-battle only, puts one enemy to sleep (comparable to Hypnosis α)

Memo description

"Staring at this may induce a sleepy trance. Be careful to divert your own eyes when using it."

Goods description

"Sway it in front of an enemy to lull it into a deep sleep."

Siren Beetle

StagBeetle.png In-battle only, makes one enemy turn around and make them waste one to two turns, depending on if Duster is faster than the enemy

Memo description

"Raised by Wess. It isn't silent, it's a siren, and this stag beetle will give off a piercing sound. Perhaps some animals are weak to this sound."

Goods description

"A beetle that makes a shrill noise. Causes an enemy to stop and cover its ears."

Scary Mask

ScaryMask.png In-battle only, lowers one enemy's offense (comparable to Offense Down α)

Memo description

"Put this mask on, and no matter who you look at, you're sure to shock the "Ack!" right out of their attack."

Goods description

"Scares an enemy, lowering its offense."

Tickle Stick

TickleStick.png In-battle only, lowers one enemy's defense (comparable to Defense Down α)

Memo description

"Koochie koochie koo! Use this stick to tickle under the arms of your enemy and they'll naturally drop their rock-solid guard."

Goods description

"Tickles an enemy, lowering its defense."


Duster using the Wall Staples
Duster using the Wall Staples
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