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サルサ Salsa
SSBU Spirit Salsa.png
Salsa's sprite from Mother 3
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 2
Occupation Performing monkey
Traveling partners Fassad (unwillingly)
Signature weapon N/A
Non-PSI ability Monkey Tricks
Combo Instrument

Salsa is a monkey character in Mother 3, and is the main playable character during Chapter 3.

In Chapter 3

Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.

The chapter begins with Salsa being thrown out of a Mother Porkship, where he is captured by Fassad and forced to follow every command because his girlfriend is kept hostage. Additionally, Salsa is wearing a shock collar, which is activated by a single controller called the Punishizer. Fassad then forces Salsa to act as a performer in a performance duo, where he does tricks to gain the appeal of the villagers in Tazmily Village. Fassad and Salsa then travel tough the end of the Death Desert, where the entrance to the Candrum Underpass is guarded by the Cactus Wolf. When they arrive in Tazmily Village through the underpass, Fassad stops to talk with Butch about the earlier sale of pigs, while Salsa catches a glimpse of Duster. Fassad and Salsa then see Butch hide the money from the sale in the well in the middle of the town before resting for the night in the Yado Inn.

The next day, Fassad forces him to advertise Happy Boxes by performing with him during a speech, getting shocked by electricity if he refuses to. He then hand-delivers each box and reports back to Fassad, where he is once again shocked. Later, Fassad and Salsa go on an expedition through Osohe Castle to search for the Egg of Light, where Salsa learns the Osohe Dance. Using the dance to open the door leading to the waterway, the two find a lever, which Fassad forces Salsa to trigger. Doing this, the floodgate opens, and Kumatora, Wess, and Duster are forcefully expelled from the castle. Salsa and Fassad then witness an outbreak involving the money that was stolen from the well, where Salsa telepathically communicates with Kumatora, which he is shocked for. That night, Kumatora and Wess come through the hotel window to rescue him. After he is freed, Wess retrieves the Punishizer, where Salsa stomps on it, getting zapped one last time. The group then discusses, while Fassad interrupts them, and begins giving chase. As they attempt to escape through the Sunshine Forest, the three are attacked by a Pork Tank, which they demolish. Soon after, Fassad catches up, followed by yet another tank, surrounding them. Lucas witnesses this, and without fully understanding, he whistles for a Drago. Destroying the Pork Tank, the Drago then attacks Fassad, injuring him greatly. After the group tells Lucas what they had witnessed, Salsa then goes off with Kumatora, as the chapter ends.

In Chapter 7

Once again captured, Salsa and his girlfriend, Samba, run loose in the Chimera Lab. Lucas, Boney, and possibly Duster depending on the order in which the events in the chapter are completed, disguise themselves as Pigmasks and begin searching for them. After Lucas' party finds them, the two flee. When they finally corner them, the Ultimate Chimera blocks their exit, and begins moving towards them. Lucas's mask is then knocked off, revealing his face. Salsa, recognizing him, jumps onto the Ultimate Chimera, hitting the switch on its back that turns it off. Salsa then joins Lucas, using the Osohe Dance to open the door that leads to the Magypsy, Doria's home, where Kumatora had also been staying. After Lucas pulls the Needle near Doria's home, Salsa chooses to remain there. When the group tries to leave, Salsa stops Kumatora to give her a Nut as a gift.


Salsa's regular appearence.
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