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Mother Porkship

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Mother Porkship

Mother Porkships are large, flying ships, first seen in Chapter 2. They play a relatively important role in Mother 3's story. They are owned by the Pigmask Army, and as such is often seen when they are making an escape, and are mainly used by high ranking members of the Pigmask Army, such as Fassad and the Masked Man.


In Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, when Duster approaches the Osohe Castle for the first time, a Mother Porkship can be seen dropping bombs on it, and then flying off.

In Chapter 3

The chapter begins with Salsa being thrown into the Death Desert from the inside of a Mother Porkship. When the Pigmask Army leaves, they take Salsa's girlfriend, Samba away in it.

In Chapter 5

At the end of Chapter 5, Fassad calls for a Mother Porkship after calling for Thunder Tower to be destroyed. He then slips on a banana peel, allowing a safe escape for Lucas's party. Using Rope Snake, the group latches on to a Mother Porkship, however, the Rope Snake could not support the weight of three people and a dog, causing Lucas to fall into an unnamed plateau, as the Masked Man is seen overlooking them.

In Chapter 7

In Chapter 7, after the party defeats the Barrier Trio, a Mother Porkship carrying the Masked Man and a group of Pigmask Majors arrives. The Pigmasks then begin setting up a red carpet for the Masked Man to walk on. The Masked Man then uses a lightning attack on Lucas, pulling the Needle himself.

In Chapter 8

At the games ending, a Mother Porkship can be seen being knocked out of the sky by falling debris.

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