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Osohe Dance

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Wess performing the Osohe dance

The Osohe dance (also popularly known as the Wess dance by fans) is a special dance that must be performed to open certian doors in Mother 3. There are three doors that can only be opened by doing this dance, the first two are in the second floor and basement of Osohe Castle respectively, and the last one is in Murasaki Forest blocking the way to Doria's house. The only ones who perform the dance in game are Wess and Salsa, however Wess says that Duster and Kumatora also know the dance despite never being seen performing it.


The first to use the dance in the game is Wess in the room where Duster found the Noble Spitoon in Chapter 2. Wess requests Duster not to look at the dance as it is embarrassing, however Duster watches anyway. After Wess finishes dancing he tells that he taught Duster how to do the dance, and to use it in times when he feels stuck.

Before Wess dances, the song Open Sesame Oil! plays and then switches to Open Sesame Tofu! as Wess is doing the dance.

Wess performing the dance in particular has became one of the most popular scenes in Mother 3 for the fanbase due to the utter hilarity of the scene. The scene has spawned memes including ones of other characters doing the same dance.


In Chapter 3 Salsa also performs the dance to open the door in the basement of Osohe Castle. Unlike the others, Salsa doesn't initally know the dance and must read the paintings on the wall to learn the dance.

Later in Chapter 7 he does the dance again in Murasaki Forest to open the door leading to Doria's house and one of the Needles.

Both dances require the player to input the player to input the "Dance" command on the directional pad, pressing the wrong direction causes Salsa to do the dance incorrectly, and in Chapter 3, Fassad will shock him for doing it wrong. The song Laugh! Be Happy! plays during the dance while What happened?! plays if done incorrectly.