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The Punishizer (Japanese オシオキマシン Punishment Machine) is a machine in Mother 3, used by Fassad to shock Salsa. It is operated by a single button, and a shock collar.

In battle

In battle, when Salsa is inflicted with a status problem, there is a chance for Fassad to use the Punishizer to cure it. It also deals minor damage to Salsa.

Outside of battle

Fassad using the Punishizer.

When Salsa doesn't obey Fassad's commands, or tries to escape, he will be shocked by the Punishizer. Sometimes, even when Salsa does obey, he will be shocked because he did not complete his assigned task fast enough, or even for no reason at all. After Salsa is rescued by Kumatora and Wess, Wess steals it from Fassad, and prompts Salsa to destroy it. Salsa then furiously stomps on the machine, zapping him one last time, but rendering the device useless. The collar from the device remains on Salsa for the entirety of the game, however.

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