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フエル Fuel
Fuel's sprite in Mother 3
Gender Male
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village

Fuel is a character in Mother 3. He is Lighter's son and was rescued from his burning house in Sunshine Forest by Flint in Chapter 1. He then becomes a non-playable party member. In battle, Fuel occasionally throws rocks at enemies and cheers on Flint to heal him.

In the first chapter Fuel is first mentioned when his father tells Flint and Thomas that his son is still trapped on his house. He can be seen on the window of the second floor after the player arrives at the location. After being rescued, they narrowly escape the building as it breaks down due to the fire. Due to the situation, they get all covered in soot, but the incoming rain soon washes it away.

In Chapter 2 he is not seen for most of the chapter, since it takes place at night, but once the party defeats the Oh-So-Snake and makes it out of Osohe Castle, they get washed away, and while Duster is missing, Wess and Kumatora end up in the small lake near Ed's house. When Fuel passes by, he spots them, and then tells his father, who proceeds to take them to Wess' house. Fuel then comments on how they were lucky that he was with his father, because otherwise he would "pretended to not see them."

He appears briefly in Chapter 3, hearing Fassad's speech, but later leaves soon after his father does so.

From Chapter 4 onward, he can be seen most of the time inside Caroline's Bakery, helping her and her daughter with the business. He comments on how Angie keeps looking at him on a weird way, and thinks that maybe she likes him.

Near the end of Chapter 7, when most of the villagers leave to New Pork City, he and his father can be found in front of the Train Station, deciding whether leave, or not leave the village. He tells his father that either decision will be fine, and that whatever happens, happens. He and his father are among the last people to leave the village.

Near the end of Chapter 8, he and his father, alongside some of the Tazmily villagers, appear on the 100th floor of the Empire Porky Building gathering up for the final event.


Young Fuel
Fuel's younger appearance.
Sooty Fuel
Fuel covered in soot.


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