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PK Love

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PK Love
PK Love Beta.PNG
PK Love β in Mother 3
Ranks α (Alpha)
β (Beta)
γ (Gamma)
Ω (Omega)
Target All enemies
PSI category Attack
Appears in Mother 3
Learned by Lucas

PK Love is Lucas's signature PSI attack, only appearing in Mother 3. It does a large amount of damage to all enemies, with the power varying between ranks. However, it also has a very special secondary ability; the power to pull the Seven Needles and awaken the Dark Dragon. The person who can use PK Love is destined to pull the Seven Needles when the time is right, and is supposed to pass their heart onto the Dark Dragon and recreate the world. The Masked Man also has the ability to use PK Love.

PK Love's name is determined by what is chosen as the "favorite thing" at the beginning of the game. Interestingly, "Love" is among the available defaults for Ness's favorite thing in EarthBound as part of a set of The Beatles-based defaults, likely referencing All You Need Is Love.[1]

In Mother 3

Rank Effect PP Characters Level learned
α 130-150 points of damage to all enemies 10 Lucas Special event
β 230-250 points of damage to all enemies 20 Lucas Special event
γ 450-480 points of damage to all enemies 35 Lucas Special event
Ω 800-820 points of damage to all enemies 50 Lucas Special event

Lucas learns PK Love through a variety of special events, learning PK Love α when he first realizes his psychic abilities in Chapter 4 with Ionia's assistance. He later learns the other three variations after pulling Doria, Phrygia and Ionia's needles in Chapter 7, respectively.

English Japanese
  • Love
  • Home Run
  • Mach
  • Top Spec
  • Mt. Fuji
  • Camera
  • Watering
  • LOVE Love
  • ホームラン Home Run
  • マッハ Mach
  • フルスペック Top of the line
  • フジヤマ Mt. Fuji
  • キャメラ Cameras
  • みずまき Watering


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