PK Ground

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PK Ground
PKグラウンド PK Ground
PK Ground.gif
PK Ground in Mother 3.
Ranks None
Target Enemy
PSI category Attack
Appears in Mother 3
Learned by Kumatora

PK Ground is a PSI attack, introduced in Mother 3. PK Ground is a very powerful attack which targets all opponents, dealing various amounts of damage based on the maximum HP of the target. It is only learned by Kumatora.


PK Ground creates a massive earthquake which damages all of the enemies five times in a row in one turn. The amount of damage depends on the maximum HP of the enemy, approximately 1.56%~12.5% of an enemy's max HP is dealt with each hit. Against a single enemy, it is very powerful attack which can reduce their health by a large amount, allowing it to be especially helpful against boss fights (excluding the King Statue, which is immune to it). When fighting multiple enemies, it instead divides the damage between all enemies. PK Ground additionally has a random chance to cause an enemy to fall over, leaving them unable to do anything for a short amount of turns.

Depending on the maximum HP of the target, when fighting a single enemy PK Ground is the most powerful PSI attack in the EarthBound series. Bosses with high amounts of HP can take up to 400 HP of damage per hit, making it possible to deal at least 1,000 damage per turn, surpassing PK Freeze Ω and PK Starstorm Ω in EarthBound which deals up to 900 damage.

Learnset and damage output

In Mother 3

Rank Effect PP Characters Level learned
None 1.56%~12.5% of the enemy's max HP, hits five times in a row in one turn, 6.25% chance of making the enemy trip 43 Kumatora 60

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