PK Beam

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PK Beam
PKビーム PK Beam
PK Beam
PK Beam γ in Mother
Ranks α (Alpha)
β (Beta)
γ (Gamma)
Ω (Omega)
Target Enemy
PSI category Attack
Appears in Mother
Learned by Ana

PK Beam is a PSI attack, only appearing in Mother. It has a variety of effects between ranks, such as doing damage to a single enemy, or even instantly knocking out an enemy altogether.

PK Beam γ is reflected by the Franklin Badge.

PK Beam does less damage against metallic enemies.

In Mother

Rank Effect PP Characters Level learned
α 28-32 points of damage to one enemy 4 Ana 5
β 70-85 points of damage to one enemy 7 Ana 11
γ Instantly knock out one enemy 12 Ana 25
Ω 100-210 points of damage to all enemies 24 Ana 33

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