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Franklin Badge
フランクリンバッヂ/フランクリンバッジ Furankurin Baddji/Furankurin Bajji
Franklin badge.png
The real-life Franklin Badge that came packaged with the Mother 3 Deluxe Box.
Type Armor
Key item
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Mother 3

The Franklin Badge (Japanese: フランクリンバッヂ in Mother and Mother 3, フランクリンバッジ in Mother 2, both meaning Franklin Badge) is a recurring item in the EarthBound series, and also makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. series. Its functions vary depending on the game that it appears in, however it's primary purpose is to reflect PK Thunder back at the user. Unlike most protective items, the Franklin Badge is not equipped; instead, it performs its function while held in a character's inventory.

In EarthBound Beginnings

In EarthBound Beginnings the Franklin Badge reflects the normally lethal PK Beam γ.

The Franklin Badge (alternatively FranklnBdge) makes its debut in EarthBound Beginnings. Here it is a reflective badge capable of deflecting PK Beam γ attacks, which normally would result in an instant knock out. Unique to this game is that there are a total of two Franklin Badges can be found in the game. One is obtained from Pippi by answering her questions in a certain order, and one is found in a present in the northern area of Duncan's Factory. It is described as being a reflective badge worn by Benjamin Franklin when he was experimenting with lightning.

When Mother first released in Japan, an official guidebook was also released. Inside contained a list of every item in the game along with an illustration of said item. The Franklin Badge in this guide was depicted as a simple yellow pin with a smiley face. Printed on the sleeve of this guide was an advertisement for a contest: the contest was to cut out a seal from the guide and send it to the publisher. Those who entered the contest had a chance at winning one of 200 real Franklin Badge pins. The real life Franklin Badge uses the traditional design based on the artwork shown in Encyclopedia Mother, with the exception that the lines override with the continents. While initially the background is white, it eventually tints yellow overtime due to age and can be sped-up with heavy UV exposure.

In-game description

Legend says that Ben Franklin wore this reflective badge during his experiments with lightning.

In EarthBound

The Franklin Badge as depicted in the EarthBound Player's Guide.

Only one Franklin Badge is found in EarthBound, being given to Ness by Paula before he faces Mr. Carpainter. When Mr. Carpainter attacks Ness with a lightning attack, his Franklin Badge reflects it back to Carpainter. Unlike in the previous game, it reflects all lightning-based attacks back to the enemy if in a person's inventory, instead of PK Beam γ.

Because it reflects all lightning-based attacks it is not limited to only protecting the party from PK Thunder, it can also reflect attacks such as the "crashing boom bang" attack (the equivalent to PK Thunder β).

The Franklin Badge also appears in the EarthBound Player's Guide, where it is shown as a blue badge with a yellow circle and lightning bolt.

In-game description

By keeping it as one of your items, it deflects a lightning attack back at the attacker.

In Mother 3

Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution.
Lucas's Franklin Badge reflects the Masked Man's lightning attack.

The Franklin Badge is given to Lucas indirectly by Flint in Chapter 7, originally as a good luck charm known as the Courage Badge. However, after giving it to a Mr. Saturn in Saturn Valley for inspection and cleaning, it is revealed that the Courage Badge was merely an old and rusted Franklin Badge. It is given back to Lucas after he meets Ionia in Argilla Pass, and stays in the key items section of the inventory, as opposed to being able to stay in an individual's inventory. Because of this, it will only deflect lightning for Lucas.

It is also important to the plot of the game: When the Masked Man ambushes Lucas and his friends at the sixth needle' s location, he attacks the party with lightning. Lucas's Franklin Badge sends the attack back at the Masked Man before engaging a fight. Later at the end of the game, the same event occurs when Lucas and his party reach the final needle, however, only Lucas is protected by the badge and thus the other party members are knocked out, which results in a one-on-one duel between Lucas and the Masked Man. Once the Masked Man regains his identity as Claus at the end if the fight, Claus fires one final powerful lightning attack which gets reflected by Lucas's Franklin Badge back to him, which kills Claus in the process.

Mother 3 also came with a limited edition deluxe box which came with the game itself, a special Mother 3 themed Game Boy Micro (along with a clothbag to protect it) and also a Franklin Badge pin. This version looks the same as the real life badges for Mother, except the text "MOTHER" uses a slightly deeper shade of red and are less prone to discoloring.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Ness wearing the Franklin Badge in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

The Franklin Badge makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. series starting with Brawl and being featured in every game since then. The Franklin Badge is an item that can be worn by fighters, which will reflect any projectile. When equipped it also emits sparkles. It only stays temporarily and will eventually disappear.

Trophy description

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

A badge you can put on to gain the ability to reflect all projectiles. It has exactly the same effect as other reflectors in the game, like the one Fox uses. In EarthBound, it was used to counter Thunder attacks. The lightning bolt on the badge is proof of its capacity. Its importance and usefulness made a deep impression on players.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

While not the most flashy of accessories, the Franklin Badge is actually incredibly useful. When wearing it, any projectiles launched your way will be reflected harmlessly off you. There is no downside, so grab this as soon as it appears. Don't get too confident, though—the bonus doesn't last long.


In EarthBound Beginnings
The Franklin Badge as shown in Encyclopedia Mother.
F badge m1 guidebook.png
The Franklin Badge as it appears in the guidebook for Mother.
Franklin badge m1.jpg
The real-life Franklin Badge released as part of a contest.
In EarthBound
Artwork of the Franklin Badge from the EarthBound Player's Guide.
Franklin badge EB.jpg
Artwork of the Franklin Badge from the Mother 2 strategy guide.
In Mother 3
Courage Badge
The Courage Badge as it appears in the inventory in Mother 3.
Franklin Badge
The Franklin Badge, after being polished by Mr. Saturn.
Franklin Badge M3dxbox.jpg
A photograph of the Franklin Badge packaged with the Mother 3 deluxe box
In the Super Smash Bros. series
Franklin Badge.png
Franklin Badge artwork from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese 富蘭克林徽章 (Traditional)
富兰克林徽章 (Simplified)
Fùlánkèlín huīzhāng
Franklin Badge
Dutch Franklin-badge -
French Badge Franklin Franklin Badge
German Franklin Badge -
Italian Medaglia Franklin Franklin Badge
Korean 프랭클린 배지
peulaengkeullin baeji
Franklin Badge
Russian Значок Франклина
Znachok Franklina
Franklin Badge
Spanish (NOA) Insignia Franklin Franklin Badge
Spanish (NOE) Broche Franklin Franklin Badge

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