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Bandanas are headgear for Duster and Salsa in Mother 3.

In Mother 3

List of bandanas in Mother 3
Name Japanese Defense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

ChickBandana.png Chick Bandana ヒヨコのバンダナ
Chick Bandana
+5 N/A Osohe Castle (present)
Candrum Underpass (present)
To be equipped on the head. Defense +5.

ManlyBandana.png Manly Bandana おとこぎのバンダナ
Manly Bandana
+1 N/A Offense +2
Lowers chance of falling asleep by 20%
Also equippable by Flint
Cerulean Beach (recieved from Lighter)
Defense +1. Offense +2.

SparrowBandana.png Sparrow Bandana スズメのバンダナ
Sparrow Bandana
+5 200 DP Small Cave
To be equipped on the head. Defense +9.

RailBandana.png Rail Bandana クイナのバンダナ
Water Rail Bandana
+15 940 DP Saturn Valley
To be equipped on the head. Defense +15.

SwallowBandana.png Swallow Bandana ツバメのバンダナ
Swallow Bandana
+20 N/A Tanetane Island (present)
To be equipped on the head. Defense +20.

CrowBandana.png Crow Bandana カラスのバンダナ
Crow Bandana
+25 1520 DP Argilla Pass
To be equipped on the head. Defense +25.

KiteBandana.png Kite Bandana トンビのバンダナ
Kite Bandana
+30 1840 DP New Pork City
To be equipped on the head. Defense +30.

HorusBandana.png Horus Bandana ホルスのバンダナ
Horus Bandana
+35 N/A Prevents sleep 3% drop by Upgraded Robot
Prevents sleep. Defense +35.


Artwork of a Bandana from EarthBound.
Armor of the Mother series

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