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A list of Clothing, which only appears in Mother 3.

List of clothing

List of clothing in Mother 3
Name Japanese Defense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

KidsShirt.png Kid's Shirt こどものシャツ
Kid's Shirt
+7 50 DP Thomas's Bazaar
A child-sized shirt. Defense +7.

DCMCBoxers.png DCMC Boxers DCMCパンツ
DCMC Shorts
+7 300 DP Duster only
Can be used on DCMC fans to make them jealous
Club Titiboo
Matching DCMC boxer shorts. Defense +7.

AlohaCoat.png Aloha Coat アロハコート
Aloha Coat
+8 1600 DP Lowers fire damage by 80%
Lowers chance of being burned by 30%
Cerulean Beach
Strong against fire. Defense +8.

WarmSweater.png Warm Sweater あったかセーター
Warm Sweater
+8 1000 DP Lowers ice damage by 80%
Lowers chance of being solidified by 30%
Snowcap Mountain
Strong against ice. Defense +8.

RubberCape.png Rubber Cape ゴムガッパ
Rubber Raincoat
+8 1200 DP Lowers lightning damage by 80%
Prevents paralysis
Thunder Tower
Defense +8. Strong against lightning.

KnitSweater.png Knit Sweater てあみのセーター
Hand-Knitted Sweater
+8 N/A Restores a small amount of HP every turn
Lowers ice damage by 20%
Lowers chance of being solidified by 20%
Highway (present)
Defense +8. Restores some HP every turn.

DCMCShirt.png DCMC Shirt DCMCシャツ
DCMC Shirt
+10 360 DP Speed +1
Can be used on DCMC fans to make them jealous
Club Titiboo
Speed +1. Defense +10.

SouvenirDress.png Souvenir Dress おみやげワンピース
Souvinir Dress
+13 1400 DP Kumatora only Highway
A clean, white dress. Defense +13.

GoodKidsShirt.png Good Kid's Shirt よいこのシャツ
Good Kid's Shirt
+17 N/A IQ +10
Lucas only
Saturn Valley (present)
IQ +10. Defense +17.

GoddessBustier.png Goddess Bustier めがみのビスチェ
Goddess Bustier
+20 N/A Lowers damage from fire and ice by 20% each
Lowers chance becoming burned or solidified by 20%
Kumatora only
Argilla Pass (present)
Somewhat strong against fire and ice. Defense +20.

AwesomeCloak.png Awesome Cloak すっごいマント
Awesome Cloak
+23 N/A Lowers damage from fire, ice, and lightning by 40%
Lowers chance of becoming burned or solidified by 40%
PP +30
Lucas only
3% drop by Pigmask Colonel
Defense +23. Strong against fire, ice, and lightning.

Armor of the Mother series