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Aloysius Minch

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Aloysius Minch
アンブラミ•ミンチ Anburami Minch
Aloysius Minch.png
Aloysius Minch as he appears in EarthBound.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Onett
Relatives Lardna (Wife)
Picky (Son)
Pokey (Son)

Aloysius Minch (アンブラミ•ミンチ Anburami Minch) is the spouse of Lardna Minch and the father of both Porky Minch and Picky Minch.


Aloysius Minch is first seen in Onett near the start of EarthBound after returning Porky and Picky home, where he scolds them for being out so late (In Mother 2, he beats them). He later wants Ness to leave as he holds a grudge against Ness and his family, since Ness's father borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from him, but Mr. Minch openly admits it could have been a lot less, which implies he is exaggerating the amount (in Mother 2 he says the loan was an unrealistically high amount, "a hundred million trillion dollars", further implying he's exaggerating).

He can later be seen in Fourside while Porky is helping Monotoli. He says Ness hasn't changed much but says that Porky made him live the life of a rich man. After the game is over, Aloysius can be found in the cafe (bar) in Fourside where he says Porky should treasure his father more (In Mother 2 he also calls Porky an idiot). He also tells Ness to keep it a secret from his wife Lardna that he's boozing off there.

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