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Ness's house

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Ness's house

Ness's house
Ness's house as seen in EarthBound.

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Ness's house is a house located in Onett. Ness lives here with his parents, his sister Tracy, and his dog. A variation on the song Pollyanna plays when Ness is inside the house.


Ness's house is located in the northern-most part of Onett at the foot of the mountain. It consists of two floors, with a living room on the bottom floor and two bedrooms on the top floor, one for Ness and another for his sister. A present with a Cracked bat inside of it can be found in Tracy's room.

In EarthBound

Ness's house is the first location the game takes place in. Ness is first found in his room asleep, when a meteorite wakes him and the rest of his family. Ness walks downstairs and attempts to leave to see the meteorite, then upon speaking to his mom, he heads upstairs to change as his mom told him (if the player leaves without speaking to her, Ness will remain in his pajamas).

After returning from the meteorite, Ness's mom waits for him outside to tell him to go to bed. Later, the family is woken up a second time, now from Porky knocking on the door. Ness goes downstairs to answer the door to Porky, who begs him to help find his brother Picky who is supposedly lost. Ness tells his mom goodbye, to which she suggests to change out of his pajamas once again, then departs to find Picky. The first time Ness returns home after finding Picky, the Photo Man will appear to take his picture.

Throughout the game Ness can return anytime to heal for free by speaking to his mom. Ness can also speak to Tracy inside of the house, which allows him to deposit items into Escargo Express without requiring to pay the $18 fee.

During Onett's invasion near the end of the game, Ness's family are taking shelter inside the house with all of the lights off. Ness can still heal and deposit/withdraw items by speaking to his mom or Tracy respectively during this point.

The living room.


  • During the invasion near the end of the game, while all of the other lights in the house go out, Tracy's room remains noticeably lit.
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