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Picky Minch

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Picky Minch
ピッキー•ミンチ Picky Minch
Clay picky.png
Picky's official papier-mâché model.
Gender Male
Appears in EarthBound
Residence Onett
Relatives Aloysius (father)
Lardna (mother)
Porky (brother)

Picky's sprite from EarthBound. Picky Minch is a character in EarthBound, who lives in the town of Onett. He is the son of Lardna and Aloysius Minch, and the little, yet more mature, brother of Pokey Minch.


He can be first talked to when the meteorite crashes at Onett, saying that Pokey left the house to look at it while their parents were away eating at a fancy restaurant. After Ness talks to Pokey and begins to walk back home, he can visit Picky first, saying that his brother is still looking at the meteorite and that he wants to go to sleep. Later, he becomes lost in the mountains after his brother gets scared and runs away when he convinced him to see it.

After Ness and Pokey find him, Picky temporarily joins the party, and unlike Pokey, Picky actually has a bit of a use. Picky's attacks include his bash (which does around 1 HP of damage) and chanting a magical spell (which does nothing). He leaves Ness along with Pokey when they returned home with their parents having arrived a while ago, being punished by their dad (through spanking in the Japanese version or by being yelled at in the English version). He then stays near his bed, saying he doesn't want to look at the meteor anymore. He stays at that area for the rest of the game, even when he and his mother are left behind when Aloysius and Pokey leave for Fourside due to Pokey's sudden political power as partner to Geldegarde Monotoli. Going back to their house after visiting Twoson shows that Picky is the only one at the house until Giygas is defeated.

Picky appears again in Magicant and says his brother took his snack.

After defeating Giygas, his mom returns to the house with Mr. Prettyman while his dad is at Jackie's Cafe. He says to Ness that he is cool since he traveled a lot while Picky views himself as "average cool." He also appears at the end of the game that plays out similarly as when Pokey knocks on Ness's house door to ask for his help to find Picky, but Picky is the one at the door to give Ness a letter from Pokey, which he did without giving it to the postman since it is already late. He then reads the letter and wonders what happened to him.


As a temporary party member, Picky has stats that can't be seen in game.

Offense 3
Speed 25
Luck 1


  • His official clay model has the letter "P" on his shirt, while his in-game sprite has the letter "M" on it.
  • A character named Bateau from "Mother 3" bears great resemblance to Pokey, especially in their hair stlye.

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