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Milky Well

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Milky Well
ミルキーウェル Milky Well

Milky Well sanctuary.png
Milky Well as it appears in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Saturn Valley

Milky Well is the third sanctuary location in EarthBound, located near Saturn Valley. Its boss is the Trillionage Sprout. Similar to Lilliput Steps, this Sanctuary is not mandatory to complete immediately and can be saved for later.


Milky Well becomes open after the defeat of Master Belch. Exiting from the factory brings the player on a ledge that was previously inaccessible on the first visit to Saturn Valley. It first enter a straight cave leading to the outside area. On the outside, the path goes through a small valley in an L shape begore going back into the cave. Back inside, it follows a straight path until reaching the Trillionage Sprout at the end.


After the defeat of Master Belch, Ness, Paula and Jeff exit onto a previously inaccessible ledge in Saturn Valley. The trio challenge the dungeon after a coffee break. They then trek through the dungeon to find the Trillionage Sprout at the end. After successful defeating it, Ness thinks he hears his mother from far away, saying "be a thoughtful, strong boy...". He collects the melody of Milky Well and returns to Saturn Valley.


Item Location
Coin of slumber.jpg Coin of slumber In the second cave, near the entrance


Sprite Enemy name Notes
RanboobOverworld.png Ranboob 2/128 chance of dropping a Picnic lunch
EB Ramblin' Evil Mushroom Overworld Sprite.png Struttin' Evil Mushroom 8/128 chance of dropping a Rust promoter
EB Mobile Sprout Overworld Sprite.png Tough Mobile Sprout 8/128 chance of dropping a Sprig of parsley
YourSanctuaryBossOverworld.png Trillionage Sprout Boss


Milky well cave 1.png
The first cave
Milky well outside.png
The outside area
Milky well cave 2.png
The second cave


The typo
  • If Ness is either unconscious or diamondsized when reaching the Milky Well sanctuary, upon being revived Milky Well will be misspelled as "Milkey Well".

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