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Fire Spring

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Fire Spring
ファイアースプリング Fire Spring

Fire Spring sanctuary.png
Fire Spring as it appears in EarthBound.

Connected areas
Lost Underworld

Fire Spring is the eighth and final sanctuary location in EarthBound, found near the Lost Underworld. It is guarded by Carbon Dog, and, when enough damage is inflicted on it, Carbon Dog transforms into Diamond Dog.


Fire Spring's dungeon is a cave consisting of ledges forming a triangular shape. Traversing through the cave revolves around climbing up and down the ropes and through cave passageways. The cave begins at the west entrance then straight east to the second cave entrance on the lowest area. The cave leads to the east half of the lowest area, with a Cherub's band in the eastmost corner. Climbing up the rope brings the team to a ledge with two caves. The cave on the left has a Magic Butterfly spawning point, and right brings them to the other half of the ledge.

Climbing ip the two ropes leads to a cave with two exits. The nearest exit can be used to reach the ledge where the Moon beam gun can be found. The second brings the player to the far west side of the dungeon, where climbing up the two roles brings the party to the Sanctuary Guardian, the Carbon Dog.

Role in EarthBound

Fire Spring serves as the eighth and final dungeon of the game. Ness first hears of it from the talking rock back at the Tenda village in the Lost Underworld. Once Ness and his friends reach Fire Spring, they climb to the top where they are confronted by the Carbon Dog. During the middle of the fight, however, it transforms into the more powerful Diamond Dog. The party manages to defeat it, then reach the Sanctuary being a small volcano on a mountain.

Ness will have the feeling of being watched by himself as a baby as the Sound Stone records the Melody. If Ness has visited all seven of the other Sanctuaries prior, the Sound Stone will then play the Melodies by itself, then Ness will have a flashback from when he was born, then he will be taken to Magicant, which is inside of his mind. If one or more Sanctuaries have been skipped, this will occur in the last Sanctuary completed instead.


Item Location
Bag of dragonite.jpg Bag of Dragonite On a ledge near the west
Cherub's band.jpg Cherub's band Eastmost corner
Horn of life.jpg Horn of life In the cave slightly southwest from the Moon beam gun
Moon beam gun.jpg Moon beam gun On a ledge to the east near the center
Speed capsule.jpg Speed capsule In the first cave from the entrance


Sprite Enemy name Notes
FireEnemyOverworld.png Evil Elemental 2/128 chance of dropping a Luxury jerky
FireEnemyOverworld.png Major Psychic Psycho 1/128 chance of dropping a Star pendant
FireEnemyOverworld.png Psychic Psycho 4/128 chance of dropping a PSI caramel
FireEnemyOverworld.png Soul Consuming Flame 2/128 chance of dropping a Meteotite
YourSanctuaryBossOverworld.png Carbon Dog Boss; turns into Diamond Dog
YourSanctuaryBossOverworld.png Diamond Dog Second form of Carbon Dog


Fire Spring dungeon
Fire Spring's dungeon

Your Sanctuary locations
Giant Step
Fire Spring Lilliput Steps
Lumine Hall Sound Stone Milky Well
Pink Cloud Rainy Circle
Magnet Hill