Horn of life

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Horn of Life
いのちのつのぶえ Horn of Life
Artwork of the Horn of Life from Mother 2's instructions booklet
Type Recovery item
Appears in EarthBound

The Horn of Life is a single use recovery item found in EarthBound. It revives an unconscious party member.


When used on an unconscious party member, the Horn of life revives them at 25% of their maximum HP. Alternatively, it can also be used to cure any status ailment excluding loss of concentration, homesickness, Mushroomization, possession and solidification.


Buying Selling
$1780 $890

In-game description


Revives a friend who is unconscious. In addition, it also works well on poison, nausea, colds, sunstroke, falling asleep, uncontrollable crying, and feeling strange. This is effective when you have paralysis, or when you have been diamondized.

Where to obtain

Limited quantity Infinite quantity
Lost Underworld, Fire Spring and Cave of the Past (presents) Saturn Valley shop, Squatter Demon (2/128 drop), Manly Fish's Brother (1/128 drop)


Horn of life.jpg
Artwork of the Horn of life from the Mother 2 strategy guide

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