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Shyness Book
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Shyness book.jpg
Artwork of the Shyness Book from the Mother 2 strategy guide
Type Key item
Appears in EarthBound

The Overcoming Shyness book, or simply the Shyness Book, is a key item in EarthBound which can help people overcome their shyness. It is used by the Tenda tribe.


Ness gives the book to the Tenda elder who reads it, then once read, it cures the Tenda tribe's shyness. Before giving it to the Tendas, it can be used to the quiet NPCs (excluding the one wearing a mask who would overcome his shyness by the time the party comes to retrieve the book) and to the librarian lady to give special dialogue as well. Additionally, after beating Giygas, the Tenda elder would then return the book to Ness since the tribe does not need it anymore. He can then return it to the librarian lady where she would give him a kiss, which is noticed by the yellow-dressed girl outside of the library. The book also makes an appearance in Mother 3, on a shelf in the Chimera Laboratory, though it cannot be obtained. The book's full title is "Overcoming Shyness".


Buying Selling
Not for sale Cannot be sold

In-game description

As the title says, it helps one overcome shyness.