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King items

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Artwork of the Sword of kings from the EarthBound Player's Guide.

The King items are a set of equipment in EarthBound, only able to be equipped by Poo. They are the only equipment he can use that will not lower his stats.

Name Japanese Location Status added
Bracer of kings おうじゃのうでわ Bracelet of kings Pink Cloud (Present) Defense +30
Luck +35
Protects against hypnosis.
Cloak of kings おうじゃのマント Cloak of kings Lost Underworld (Present) Defense +20
Speed +40
Diadem of kings おうじゃのバンダナ Bandana of kings Lumine Hall (Present) Defense +20
Luck +30
Protects against fire, ice, paralysis, and PSI Flash.
Sword of kings おうじゃのつるぎ Sword of kings Stonehenge Base (Starman Super, 1/128 chance) Offense +30
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