Happy Happyism

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Ness in a blue Happy Happy Village

Happy Happyism is a cult in EarthBound. Led by Mr. Carpainter, the cultists, known as Happy-Happyists, dress in the color blue, and are brainwashed to paint everything possible blue. Their headquarters are located in Happy Happy Village, and their actions do not make it far past there.


Happy Happyism was created in Happy Happy Village by a man named Carpainter, who had claimed to have found enlightenment, but it is later revealed he had been brainwashed by the evil of the Mani-Mani Statue. His followers painted the town blue, and kidnapped a girl with psychic powers from Twoson named Paula, locking her up in a cabin in Peaceful Rest Valley. After sending a message using Telepathy, she contacted a boy named Ness to rescue her. Ness was able to defeat Carpainter with the help of the Franklin Badge he was given by Paula, which reflects Carpainter's lightning strikes. After being defeated, Mr. Carpainter came to his senses and disbanded the Happy Happyists.