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The mystical items are a set of special weapons in Mother 3, raising several stats, with offense being raised the most.

Mystical Shoes

HP Offense IQ Speed
+15 +40 +5 +7

The Mystical Shoes are Duster's special pair of shoes, obtainable only in Osohe Castle in Chapter 5 as an optional sidequest. He and his party must defeat Lord Passion in order to obtain the Mystical Shoes.

Mystical Gloves

HP PP Offense IQ Speed
+10 +10 +55 +7 +5

Kumatora's Mystical Gloves are found on Tanetane Island, having a 3% chance of being dropped by Monkalruses after battle.

Mystical Stick

HP PP Offense IQ Speed
+10 +10 +90 +5 +5

The Mystical Stick is Lucas's second most offensively powerful weapon in the game. It is located in a cave on Mt. Oriander, with a 3% chance of being dropped by Heftyheads.


  • Boney is the only one in the final party of four in Mother 3 to not get their own Mystical item.
  • Duster's Mystical Shoes are the only mystical items to not appear randomly in a present after battle.

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