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Save Frog
セーブカエル Save Frog
Save Frog
The many types of Save Frogs seen in Mother 3.
Appears in Mother 3

Save Frogs are animals that appear in Mother 3.

In Mother 3

Save Frogs replace the role of telephones of the previous two EarthBound Beginnings games. They appear all throughout the Nowhere Islands, and save the player's progress when spoken to. From Chapter 4 onward, they also serve the purpose of ATMs from the previous two games, depositing and withdrawing DP for Lucas's party. Depending on the location, there are different types of Save Frogs, such as a ghost frog in Osohe Castle, and a scuba-diving frog in the Sea Floor Dungeon. All of them can be seen in the cast roll at the end of the game. Shigesato Itoi revealed in an interview that the reason he chose frogs as a save point is because they're small but stand out, and they can be found nearly anywhere. It is also partially inspired by the song Furimukeba Kaeru by Akiko Yano.[1] During the ending, the player bumps into a Save Frog, who says that now that his job saving the game is over, he wants to "settle down and take care of the tadpoles."

In the Mother 3 fan translation

If every enemy is recorded into the Battle Memory, the final Save Frog during the credits informs the player about the memo feature that the fan translation team restored to the game. If every enemy has all of their sprites recorded in the Battle Memory, the final save frog instead informs the player of Hard mode, a feature added exclusively for the fan translation.


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