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CD and case of the Mother soundtrack.

Mother is a soundtrack album of versions of songs from Mother, several of them including lyrics in English, first released in 1989. The album was re-released in 2004, with an extended 11th track and an added 12th track from EarthBound. (Changes exclusive to the 2004 release are marked with an asterisk.)

Track Number Title Duration
1 Pollyanna (I Believe in You) 3:42
2 Bein' Friends 5:13
3 The Paradise Line 3:44
4 Magicant 4:21
5 Wisdom of the World 4:42
6 Flying Man 4:49
7 Snow Man 3:51
8 All That I Needed (Was You) 4:43
9 And Fallin' Love 6:18
10 Eight Melodies 5:46
11 The World of MOTHER 16:32
12 Smiles and Tears* 4:47

Soundtracks of Mother
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