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Mother 3i

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Cover of Mother 3i.

Mother 3i is a soundtrack album of medleys of songs from Mother 3.

Track Number English title Japanese title Duration
1 Welcome to MOTHER3 World (from "Fun Naming", "Welcome!", "True Welcome!") Welcome to Mother3 World 3:48
2 Tazmily is the Stage (from "LOG-O-TYPE", "Something Strange is Going On", "Run, My Dog, Run!") 舞台はタツマイリ 2:44
3 Twist And Battle (from "Mr. Batty Twist", "Rock and Roll (Mild)", "Mischievous Blues") Twist And Battle 4:33
4 Gentle Rain (from "Confusion", "Somewhere, Someday", "Gentle Rain") どうすることも 4:59
5 Mambo and Battle (from "Mambo de Battle", "And El Mariachi") 哀愁のマンボ 3:40
6 Theme of Duster (from "Sorrowful Tazmily", "Morning Already", "Mind of a Thief") ダスターのテーマ 3:22
7 The Castle of Osohe (from "Ragtime Osohe", "Osohe Castle", "Etude for Ghosts") オソヘ城にて 4:59
8 Funky Monkey Dance (from "Chapter 3 ~ Monkey's Love Song", "Open Sesame Oil!", "Open Sesame Tofu!", "Monkey's Delivery Service") 奇妙なダンス 4:39
9 Oh, Pig Mask (from "Piggy Guys", "Unfounded Revenge") 嗚呼、ブタマスク 3:14
10 Memory of Tazmily (from "Happy Town?", "And Then There Were None") タツマイリの思い出 4:21
11 With Magypsy (from "Pink Shell", "Magypsy's Home, Sweetie-Pie") マジプシーと 3:26
12 Do Not Disturb (from "Astonishing March", "Wasteful Anthem", "Formidable Foe", "Intense Guys") じゃまをしないでくれ 4:47
13 Flowers (from "Shower Time Ballad", "Letter from You, My Sweet", "Mother?!") Flowers 4:22
14 Theme of Bad Boy (from "Porky's Porkies", "Master Porky's Theme", "Battle Memory Medley"*) Bad Boyのテーマ 7:10
15 From Utopia (from "Isn't This Such a Utopia?!", "Suspicious Flying Object", "His Highness' Theme", "Memory of Life") 行きどまりの街から 5:51

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