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CD and case of the Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushū soundtrack.

Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushū (MOTHER2ギーグの逆襲) is a soundtrack album of versions of songs from EarthBound.

Track Number English title Japanese title Duration
1 Prologue (from "Strike Back", "This is no Time to Be Sleeping") プロローグ 1:05
2 Theme of Onett (from "Let the Adventure Begin") オネットのテーマ 1:20
3 Theme of Twoson (from "Boy Meets Girl") ツーソンのテーマ 1:22
4 Theme of Saturn Valley (from "Kon'nichiwa") サターンバレーのテーマ 0:49
5 Theme of Winters (from "Snowman", "Winters White", "The Wind Blows", "Tassy!") ウィンターズのテーマ 3:46
6 Theme of Threek (from "One Day For Sure") スリークのテーマ 1:33
7 Theme of Doko Doko Desert (from "Super Dry Dance") ドコドコ砂漠のテーマ 0:53
8 Theme of Fourside (from "Held in a Skyscraper") フォーサイドのテーマ 1:47
9 Theme of Moonside (from "Borges' Cocktail", "Moonside Swing") ムーンサイドのテーマ 0:57
10 Theme of Ramma (from "The Far East", "The Traveller Can Hear the Song", "The Discipline of Mu") ランマのテーマ 1:57
11 Theme of Summers (from "Private Breeze") サマーズのテーマ 1:02
12 Theme of Scarabi (from "Bazaar", "Carabiner Ska (Scorpion's Poison)", "Pyramid") スカラビのテーマ 3:05
13 Theme of the Dungeon Man (from "Megaton Walk", "Enjoy the Dungeon", "Yellow Submarine") ダンジョン男のテーマ 1:15
14 Theme of the Cursed Jungle (from "The Jungle Opens Its Eyes") 魔境のテーマ 1:38
15 Theme of the Gumi Village (from "Listen, You", "Falling Down Falling Down") グミの村のテーマ 0:58
16 Theme of the Underworld (from "Earth's Love Song") 地底大陸のテーマ 1:35
17 Theme of Magicant (from "Eight Melodies (From the Bottom of the Memories)", "Welcome Self", "Labyrinth of a Dream", "Sea of Eden", "Power") マジカントのテーマ 4:43
18 Theme of the Great Underworld (from "Crossing Space and Time", "Becoming Robots", "Space Tunnel", "The Place") 最低国のテーマ 1:31
19 Theme of the Final Battle (from "Disappear!") 最終戦闘のテーマ 4:06
20 Theme of Love & Peace (from "Because I Love You") 平和のテーマ 2:07
21 Ending Theme (from "Good Friends/Bad Friends", "Smiles and Tears") エンディングのテーマ 9:31
22 Room Number (PSI Mix) ルームナンバー (PSI MIX) 4:00
23 Hula-hoop (PSI Mix) フラフープ (PSI MIX) 3:35
24 Another 2 (PSI Mix) ~ And Goes On ANOTHER 2 (PSI MIX) ~and goes on 5:14

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