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Mother 2 (soundtrack)

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CD and case of the Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushū soundtrack.

Mother 2 (Japanese: MOTHER 2: ギーグの逆襲 Mother 2: Giygas's Counterattack) is a soundtrack album of songs from EarthBound. It was first published on 2 November 1994 by Sony Records on CD, and later reissued by Ship To Shore Phonograph Co. on vinyl in 2016.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Prologue" (a. "逆襲" Counterattack,
b. "眠ってる場合じゃない" This Is No Time to Be Sleeping)
2. "Onett" (a. "冒険をはじめる" Let the Adventure Begin) 1:20
3. "Twoson" (a. "ボーイ メーツ ガール (BOY MEETS GIRL)" Boy Meets Girl) 1:21
4. "Saturn Valley" (a. "こんにちわ" Hello) 0:49
5. "Winters" (a. "スノーマン", Snowman,
b. "ウィンターズ ホワイト Winters White,
c. "風が吹く" The Wind Blows,
d. "タッシー!" Tassy!)
6. "Threek" (a. "いつかきっと" One Day For Sure) 1:33
7. "Doko Doko Desert" (a. "乾いたダンス (Super Dry Dance)", Dry Dance) 0:53
8. "Fourside" (a. "摩天楼に抱かれて", Held In a Skyscraper) 1:47
9. "Moonside" (a. "ボルヘスのカクテル" Boris's Cocktail,
b. "ムーンサイドスイング" Moonside Swing)
10. "Ramma" (a. 東の果て The Far East,
b. "旅人に聴かせる唄", The Traveler Can Hear the Song,
c. "ムの修行 Mu Training)
11. "Summers" (a. プライベートな風 The Private Breeze) 1:02
12. "Scarabi" (a. バザール Bazaar,
b. カラビナ スカ (サソリの毒) Carabiner Ska (Scorpion's Poison),
c. ピラミッド Pyramid)
13. "Dungeon Man" (a. "メガトンウォーク" Megaton Walk,
b. "エンジョイ ザ ダンジョン" Enjoy the Dungeon,
c. "黄色っぽいサブマリン Yellow Submarine)
14. "Cursed Jungles" (a. "ジャングルが目をさます" The Jungle Awakes) 1:38
15. "Gumi Village" (a. "きけおまえ" Listen, You,
b. "落ちる落ちる Falling, Falling)
16. "The Under World" (a. "大地のラブソング The Earth's Love Song) 1:35
17. "Magicant" (a. "エイトメロディーズ (記憶の底に)" Eight Melodies (From the Bottom of a Memory),
b. "ウェルカムぼく" Welcome, Me,
c. "夢の迷路" Dream Maze,
d. エデンの海 The Sea of Eden,
e. パワー The Power)
18. "The Great Under World" (a. "空を超えろ" Crossing Space-Time,
b. "ロボットになる" Becoming Robots,
c. スペーストンネル Space Tunnel,
d. "The Place (その場所)" The Place)
19. "Final Battle" (a. "イナクナリナサイ" Cease Existing) 4:06
20. "Love & Peace" (a. "ビコーズ・アイラブユー" Because I Love You) 2:07
21. "Ending" (a. "グッドフレンズ/バッドフレンズ Good Friends / Bad Friends,
b. "スマイルズ・アンド・ティアーズ Smiles and Tears)
22. "Room Number (PSI Mix)"   4:00
23. "Hula-Hoop (PSI Mix)"   3:35
24. "Another 2 (PSI Mix)"   5:14
Total length:


Taken from liner notes and Discogs.

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