Smiles and Tears

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Smiles and Tears is the song that plays in the staff credits of EarthBound. It includes the Eight Melodies, and appears on the Mother 1+2 soundtrack, along with the 2004 re-release of the Mother soundtrack. Although no lyrics appear in-game, Shigesato Itoi wrote lyrics for the song, and they appear in the Mother 2 instruction manual.[1]


Japanese Rōmaji English translation

大人たちの はんぶんも 生きては いないけれど
思い出の数ならば リュックにいっぱいさ
お気に入りのベースボールキャップ かかとつぶれたスニーカー
ポケットのおくにあるよ 擦りへったギターピック
涙がちぎるれるくらい 悲しいこともあったけど
いつでもきみが ぼくのそばにいてくれた
ともだちのままいると ふたりずっと思ってた
気づかないまま たぶん きみを愛してた

笑いあったり遊んだり 傷つきながら歩く
近道もまわり道も 迷いながらおぼえた
信じられる人だけ いるわけないとしても
信じハートだけは 捨てられないと知った
ありのままの きみだけが ぼくを強くしてくれた
いつでもきみが ぼくを強くしてくれた

やさしい風が吹くように 草をなでていくように
いつでもきみが 笑顔みせて歩いてた
そう 網だと笑顔 かわるがわるに
見せあったふたりは・・・・・・ (I miss you)

otonatachi no hanbun mo ikitewa inai keredo
omoide no kazu naraba ryukku ni ippai sa
o ki ni iri no besubooru kyappu kakato tsubureta suniikaa
poketto no oku ni aru yo surihetta gitaa pikku
namida ga chigireru kurai kanashii koto mo atta kedo
itsudemo kimi ga boku no soba ni itekureta
tomodachi no mama iru to futari zutto omotteta
kizukanai mama tabun kimi o ai shiteta

warai attari asondari kizu tsukinagara aruku
chikamichi mo mawari michi mo mayoinagara oboeta
shinjirareru hito dake iru wake nai to shitemo
shinjiru haato dake wa suterarenai to shitta
ari no mama no kimi dake ga boku o tsuyoku shitekureta
itsudemo kimi ga boku o tsuyoku shitekureta
yasashii kaze ga fuku yoo ni kusa o nadeteiku yoo ni
itsudemo kimi wa egao misete aruiteta

soo namida to egao kawarugawaru ni
miseatta futari wa... (I miss you)
tooku ni hanarete...

I haven’t lived even half as long as adults have,
but I do have plenty of memories in my backpack
My favorite baseball cap, my sneakers with worn-out heels
Deep in my pocket is my worn-down guitar pick
There were some things sad enough to make tears come out,
but you were always by my side
I thought of the two of us as just friends the whole time
I probably loved you without ever realizing it

We walked while we laughed, played, and got hurt
I realized it as we took shortcuts and went in circles:
that even if you can’t believe in everyone
you can’t cast aside a heart you do believe in
You made me stronger just being who you are
Like a gentle wind blowing and swaying the grass
you always walked with a smile

Yes, the two who shared smiles and tears one after the other... (I miss you)
are now far apart...


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