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List of key items in Mother

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This is a list of key items in EarthBound Beginnings. This includes items which are relevant or compulsory to the game's plot.

Basement Key


The Basement Key (ちかしつのカギ Basement Key), alternatively BasementKey, is one of the earliest items acquired in the game. After the poltergeist leaves Ninten's house, Ninten will be instructed by his father to find something in the house's basement, which may assist him during his quest; his father has however forgotten where he put the key to the basement, making it inaccessible. The key is later revealed to be placed on the collar of the family's dog, outside of the house. After the dog gets checked and the key is obtained, Ninten can enter the basement, where he will find Bread, a Plastic Bat and his Great-Grand Father's Diary.

In-game description

"USE this key to unlock the basement door."

Canary Chick


The Canary Chick (カナリアのこども Canary Child), alternatively CanaryChick, can be found in the department store of Podunk, where it can be purchased in the pet store on the fifth floor. All the animals except for the canary chick have escaped, so the salesman will directly ask Ninten if he wants to buy it; if he replies yes, the seller will ask if he would accept a price of $85; if Ninten then refuses to buy it, he will let him get it for free. The chick must be taken to the canary named Laura in Canary Village, as she is the mother of it, which will result in her getting so happy by the reunion that she will sing the second melody.

In-game description

"Its eyes show sadness."

Great-Grand Father's Diary


The Great-Grand Father's Diary (そうそふのにっき Great-Grandfather's Diary), alternatively GGF's Diary, is the diary of George, Ninten's great-grandfather, and is located in the basement of Ninten's house. It can be obtained after Ninten has gotten the Basement Key from Mick's collar. Its purpose is left unspecified when first gotten, but it is later used to provide Ninten with the answers to what two pink rock-like objects telepathically ask him at different points of the game.

The first rock is located in a cave east of Choucream Zoo, but is guarded by two policemen, and cannot be accessed until Starman Jr. has been defeated. Using Telepathy on the rock will result in it asking him "who has lost his tail?", and if Ninten has the diary in his possession, he will manage to find a matching entry and say the corresponding answer out loud, being "the forgotten one of the ship that sails the cosmos", which leads to him being teleported to Magicant.

Another rock is located in the monkey-filled ruins of Yucca Desert, and will ask him the same question as the previous one. The sequence of words that triggers the teleportation to Magicant is however slightly different, being "the one who lost his tail", "the forgotten one" and "the ship that sails", in that specific order. This will as before take him to Magicant, but when leaving through the Magicant Underground, he will be taken to a cave located northwest of Youngtown. Teleporting to Magicant the second time is however not compulsory to finish the game.

In-game description

"It is old, ragged, and filled with entries."

Ghost House Key


The Ghost House Key (ゆうれいやしきのカギ Haunted Mansion Key), alternatively Ghost Key, is used to gain access to the house of the Rosemarys in Spookane, which is infamous for the ghostly creatures inhabiting it. The key is received by the mother of the Rosemarys, who can be found in the eastern portion of the town, after simply talking to her, as she believes that Ninten will be able to bring the house into control. The house itself can be found to the north of the inhabited part of the town, and is accessible after the key has been used on the front door.

In-game description

"This is the Key to the Rosemary's house."



The Hat (ぼうし Hat) is received by an old woman, who is present at the Reindeer Station. She will ask Ninten if he is heading for Snowman when spoken to, as she believes that the hat she has found is the property of a girl there. She will then give him the hat and exit the station. The hat is revealed to belong to Ana, as her name is sewn on it. The item is essential to obtain, as Ana only will join Ninten and Lloyd once it has been given to her. After reclaiming her hat, she can be seen wearing it on her overworld sprite.

In-game description

"A pretty hat embroidered with the name Ana."

Memory Chip

The Memory Chip (メモリーチップ Memory Chip) only appears in the Mother 1+2 version of the game, and is assumed to be a modified version of the IC-Chip, an item appearing in the coding of the Famicom and NES versions of the game. The item is found inside of Eve after it has played the seventh melody. Its purpose is similar to that of the Onyx Hook's, as it teleports Ninten to the remains of Eve at Mt. Itoi, whereas the Onyx Hook teleports him to Magicant.

In-game description

"そうそふジョージの きおくのいちぶが やきつけられています。 ニンテンは それをたどって イヴのところまで もどれます。"

Ninten's Cash Card

Cash Card.png
Not to be confused with the ATM card from EarthBound.

Ninten's Cash Card (キャッシュカード Cash Card), or simply Cash Card, is the only item available already from the start of the game. Ninten can use it to access his account through an ATM, which are located in all of the game's department stores, and either choose to withdraw or deposit a certain amount of money.

To obtain the Big Bag from an inhabitant of Magicant, who resides in a building in the southwestern corner of the town area, it is required to temporarily give him the Cash Card. He must however be talked to again to receive the Big Bag, and will also return Ninten the card in the process.

In-game description

"Use it for all your banking needs."



The Pass (つうこうきよかしょう Passage Service Approval) will automatically be picked up when entering a narrow portion of the road between Duncan's Factory and Merrysville. It is an employee pass, which normally would give one access to the factory, but it is later revealed to be expired when showing it to a Stray Dog, who guards the entrance to the building. The revelation will lead to a fight with the dog, which generally is considered to not require much effort, as the Stray Dog is an enemy which mainly is fought during the first area of the game.

In-game description

"Printed on it, "Duncan Factory Employee"."


Not to be confused with the Show ticket from EarthBound.

The Ticket (ライブのチケット Live Ticket) is an item which is needed to enter the Live House in Ellay. It can be bought from a person standing outside of the Live House for $1200, while claiming that they are all sold-out at the store. This is however false, as it can be infinitely purchased from the fourth floor of the city's department store for $350 per Ticket. The item is essential obtain, as the Live House is the location where Teddy joins Ninten's party.

In-game description

"Printed on it, "Rock'n Roll all night and every day at The Live Show"."

Ticket Stub


Ticket Stubs (チケットのはんけん Ticket Stub) are items which can be bought from a man near the center of Yucca Desert. He will let Ninten and his friends fly a specific route in his airplane, which varies depending on the type of Ticket Stub they buy. There are three different kinds of Ticket Stubs; one for FlightplanA, FlightplanB and FlightplanC, which cost $5, $10 and $15 per party member, respectively.

When taking FlightplanA, the party will fly north, passing several cacti and shortly form a circle around a specific cactus which appears to have a face. They will then fly along the coastline to the east, then head southwest to return to their starting point, while passing the ruins of the desert on the way.

During FlightplanB, they will fly far too the west, passing several previously visited areas on the way, and then simply head back to their original spot by going east. Locations they pass during the flight include Pippi's and Ninten's houses, the Choucream Zoo and Duncan's Factory.

During the final flight, FlightplanC, they pass the Look-Out Tower when flying to the east, and they also fly past the train station of Youngtown on the way back. After Ninten and his friends have purchased a total of ten Ticket Stubs, they will receive a tank from the man, which is needed to defeat R7037, who resides near the entrance of the desert ruins.

In-game description

"Printed on it, "Save ten of these for a complimentary tank ride"."

Zoo Key


The Zoo Key (どうぶつえんのカギ Zoo Key) is obtained from the mayor of Podunk after Ninten has saved Pippi from the town's cemetery. The mayor gives him the key so that he will be able to enter the Choucream Zoo, and hopefully deal with the on-going problems there. The zoo's entrance is however blocked by a monkey, who steals the key before Ninten gets the chance to unlock the gate. The monkey runs away through the gate entrance, and opens it in the process, which results in Ninten losing the key while yet being able to enter.

In-game description

"This Key will unlock the main gate at the City Zoo."

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